Go through the resulting steps and contact the 2BA staff member as soon as you see a series of numbers (partner ID) in the program.

Step 1, Disable other TeamViewer

If you already have a TeamViewer, please uninstall it first!

Try the steps below first or ask your IT specialist how to temporarily disable TeamViewer.

Right-click on the TeamViewer Icon and select ‘TeamViewer afsluiten’ (Exit TeamViewer). If the TeamViewer icon has disappeared from the notification icons (bottom right of the screen next to the clock) then you can start the 2BA program.

TeamViewer balk
 TeamViewer QS 1

Step 2, download 2BA Quick support program.

  1. Download the program and click ‘Run’.
  2. Wait until you have a TeamViewer ID. (may take some time)
  3. Call 2BA for support
    – General number +31 88 222 00 00.
    – Or the direct number of your internal contact person.
  4. Give this person your ID (number).

The password is known to the 2BA employee
If the program does not start right away, first save the program to your desktop and start the program 2BA_QS.exe there.
See also below for problem solutions.
Click here to download 2BA Quick Support (2BA_QS.exe)
Important! The 2BA Quick support (TeamViewer) program will not be installed on your PC!

Common error is blockage by Windows SmartScreen filterwindows smartscreen

Als het programma niet direct start dan het programma eerst opslaan op uw bureaublad en vervolgens daarvandaan starten 
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