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The benefits of 2BA


intro installateurFor installers and other processors

For installation companies and other technically oriented businesses such as construction companies, shipbuilders, machine manufacturers and system integrators, it's important to operating efficiently that product, price and stock information is always readily available. The 2BA Data Pool offers the ultimate solution for this. There's a good reason why 2BA, with millions of products and related wholesale information in its database, is regarded today as the best central item database by and for your sector.

The major advantages:

  • You can design, estimate and order more efficiently and less error-prone, because all the product and price information is coming from a single source.
  • Data is immediately available for estimating and purchasing purposes through the leading (or in-house developed) ERP software.
  • You have your own net purchase prices at your disposal based on the purchasing conditions agreed with your supplier.

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For wholesalers

intro installateurFor buyers of your range, it is increasingly important that product, price and stock information can be accessed fast and efficiently, that's to say by digital means. So that an estimator or buyer can get to work immediately. 

But of course, efficiency is also an important issue within wholesale companies themselves. For example when putting together and maintaining their own range in the form of a digital file. And also when publishing this through their own web stores and when selling at the counter. And in all cases, people prefer to use the product information of the manufacturers themselves, to which additional trade information must be able to be linked quickly.2BA makes this possible with its data pool in which by now the ranges of more than 150 wholesalers and at least 500 data suppliers of more than 1,200 producers (brands) are stored.

The major advantages:

  • The most up-to-date product and trade data of more than 1,200 producers available through one central source
  • The data is available in a uniform way for your ERP software, through fixed exchange formats
  • You can have early access to future pricing and new, still to be introduced, products from your suppliers
  • Thanks to ETIM classified product data, you can structure your own item file
  • Thanks to a number of validations rules (more than 800!), you can raise the quality of your own Master File to a higher level
  • Your range will be viewed by more than 2,200 processing companies, affiliated to 2BA
  • With the help of the Unifeed search engine, you can offer service to the 'shopping' installer at your counter(s).

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For manufacturers

intro installateur2BA facilitates your product information always being digitally available, complete, up to date and in classified form for all your buyers. Thanks to the Internet, 2BA now offers the possibility not only of converting complete suppliers' catalogues but also, on the basis of ETIM product classification, of searching for products in a targeted fashion, selecting those who supply them and taking over their product data. Both for the processor (the installer, for example) and supplier wholesalers. For the latter, it's important that they can link their additional trade data to your unique product information in an efficient way and subsequently publish the combination of product and price data for their customers. 

The major advantages:

  • Thanks to a number of validations rules (more than 800!), you can raise the quality of your own Master File to a higher level
  • You only have to make data available and keep it up to date in one place
  • After publication, the wholesalers and processors collect the data (new) themselves
  • Your products can be viewed by purchasers, estimators, work planners and CAD engineers.
  • Future price information and new products still to be introduced can be made available in advance
  • The modeller can be presented with rich CAD objects through the open Uniform Objecten Bibiliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library) 

Note: More and more often, the availability in 2BA for wholesalers of complete product data of manufacturers is leading for recording and maintenance in the wholesaler's range.

For software suppliers

intro installateurFor internal product management of both manufacturers and wholesalers and for making product information available to the buyers of its data pool, 2BA collaborates closely with a number of renowned and specialist software parties. Linking with 2BA signifies an enhancement of their own software product to these software suppliers.

The major advantages:

ERP systems
  • You can allow users to have at their disposal up-to-date price information for more than 50 million items
  • Enhancement of their own software through implementation of 2BA tools such as the Unifeed search engine
  • Direct linking through Web services (SOAP and JSON)
  • The possibility of uploading and downloading datasets by way of the latest exchange formats
PIM systems
  • Extensive reporting of processed datasets based on more than 800 validation rules
  • Enhancement of your own software through implementation of 2BA tools such as ETIM MC or 3D viewer
  • The possibility of uploading and downloading datasets through the latest exchange formats by way of SFTP or API
CAD systems
  • Availability of extensive library of 3D objects through the open Uniform Objecten Bibiliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library)


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