Vision and mission of 2BA


These days it’s hard to imagine our daily life without the electronic exchange of information. The need for high-quality product and trade data continues to increase and for more and more purposes. A single central data pool is necessary in order to meet this need, not only for the installation sector, but also for certain other technical areas of business. That’s to say, a uniformly created product database whereas many manufacturers and wholesalers as possible can deliver their product and associated trade data in a classified and structure form and where users can subsequently retrieve their data fast and selectively.

2BA: One format, one standard and one address for product and trade data! 


The 2BA mission is: ‘Collecting, validating, managing, and distributing high-quality product and related trade data for a variety of market segments such as installation business, construction, system integrators, machine manufacturers and the maritime sector. The key issue in this goal is the term ‘Data Label’.

As its full name suggests (Bestand Beheer Artikelen – item file management), 2BA focuses on the maintenance, management, and operation of the uniform product file for a number of technical industries of which, at present, the installation sector is the largest. The organisation aims to provide a file for all products within the total target group. The activities start with the uniform (ETIM) classification and communication structures being developed and maintained by Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek.

2BA, an independent company, has as its goal to make this product information available both in and outside the installation sector. By way of a subscription, companies can use product and associated trade data in their business operations. The 2BA data pool can be consulted through the Internet and to that end, has as its disposal an extremely extensive search engine, called Unifeed. Unifeed allows you to search on the basis of a product name (or part of), a type of number (or part of), specific product features, supplier, order number, GTIN number (formerly EAN) or producer. Processes such as ordering products electronically run faster and far more efficiently this way.


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