2BA is owned by a large delegation of parties from the installation sector. All information – in whatever form – made available by member manufacturers and suppliers in 2BA remains the property of the respective manufacturers and suppliers.

Without the prior consent of the manufacturers and suppliers, the information provided electronically by 2BA may not be copied, in part or in whole, other than as a single archival copy for internal use by the person to whom the information was provided. Information may not be displayed, handed over or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

Information must not be used or made available to third parties other than for the purpose for which it was provided by the manufacturers and suppliers in 2BA.

Download 2BA’s General Terms and Conditions of Supply here:

pdf Algemene Leveringsvoorwaarden van 2BA (Nederlands)
pdf General Terms And Conditions Of Supply 2BA (English)
pdf Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen 2BA (Deutsch)
pdf Additional Terms and Conditions Calculation Time Standards (Dutch)
pdf Additional Terms and Conditions (UOB) (Dutch)
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