ETIMxChange is the first product and trade item exchange standard fully managed by ETIM International and its community, with a focus on global use. ETIMxChange is based on the European Master Data Guidelines (EMDG) taking into account national exchange standards such as DICO, BMEcat and FAB-DIS). The exchange format is based on JSON, including JSON schema for validation.

Current version: 1.0 (release 2024-02-19)

  • Simplified structure in JSON that is logically grouped, based on multiple national exchange standards.
  • Generic structure of product data with underlying manifestations; or trade items
  • Includes data structure for transporting environmental data such as LCA data in all phases of the life cycle.
  • The structure offers the possibility to communicate description fields multilingually.
  • Compatible with the latest ETIM-MC structure, including connection types for the Uniform Object Library.
  • It has a very flexible structure for all kinds of packaging hierarchy data exchange methods.

The complete documentation of ETIMxChange 1.0 can be found in the downloadsection of ETIM International.

Planning Implementation 2BA

Given the impact on the 2BA data model and planning, the implementation is fragmented into:

  • Import phase 1 | May 14th 2024

    1. Import limited to current 2BA data model + subtree LcaEnvironmental
    2. Schema validation not yet available

  • Import phase 2 | mid June 2024

    1. Import selection new fields and related code lists
    2. Schema validation not yet available

  • Import phase 3 | mid June 2024

    1. Validation Schedule

  • Export | July 9th 2024


2BA conforms the data pool to the Dutch standards of Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek. The supported exchange formats are mapped to the internal fields of the data model. Some internal fields may differ from the length or type described in the interchange format guideline. We create as much clarity as possible, but there may be differences, exceptions are noted in the mapping


There are no validation checks available.

File name

To recognize the format, the term ETIM_XCHANGE or ETIMxChange must be included in the file name. If this term is missing, the dataset will not be recognized by the import routine

Country specific elements

It may happen that a country requires more fields than originally available in the ETIMxChange structure.

The ETIMxChange Country Specific Guideline contains clear examples of how to define these in your data file. Use the CSItemCharacteristics fields as defined in the ETIM guideline section 3.13 from page 50.

NL_002-1 DIN-number
NL_002-2 ISO-number
NL_007 Delivery time
NL_011 Buying group
NL_012 Orderable indicator
NL_014 Fragile on package
NL_015 Best before date on package
NL_016-1 Cuttable indicator
NL_016-2 Maximum cutting length
NL_018 Code VAT rate

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