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Who are the 2BA shareholders?

Because good management and efficient operation of the central item stock is important for all parties in the business chain, 2BA has a sector-wide ownership structure with the following shareholders::

Installation companies

The larger TechniekNederlandTechniek Nederland installation companies are represented by the organisations Venturium (TBI, Strukton & ENGIE). The medium-sized installers are represented by the purchasing groups ETIC (Batenburg, Verkerk, Vermeerplein group and Giant Klaver) and Co√∂peratieve Inkoopvereniging DGC U.A. In addition, Techniek Nederland specifically represesnts the interests of smaller installers.


More than 90% of the installation wholesalers are represented through ECEG and TGF (the trade associations for electrical engineering and mechanical wholesalers, respectively).

ECEG stands for Elektronische Communicatie Elektrotechnische Groothandel (Electronic Communications Electrical Wholesale). The ECEG members are:

Bliek Techniek B.V.     itsme     FDL     Isolectra     Kannegieter Electronica B.V.
Oosterberg B.V.   Rexel Nederland B.V.   Schuurman Groothandel in Elektrotechniek   Solar Nederland B.V.   Technische Unie B.V.


TGF stands for Technische Groothandelsfederatie or the Dutch trade association for wholesalers of sanitary and central heating products. 

The TGF members are:

Galvano Groothandel B.V.     Gevier     Plieger B.V.     RHEINZINK Nederland / Wentzel B.V.
Schonkeren B.V.   Van der Wal B.V.   Veris Bouwmaterialengroep B.V.    


Manufacturers are represented by the FEDET, or the Federation of Electrical Engineering. (Although the ECEG and TGF are administratively also administered by Fedet wholesaler, the manufacturers have their own Supervisory Board member).



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