Important engineering benefits for Asset Owners, System Integrators and Machine Builders

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Today, the average electrical engineer spends a lot of time searching, selecting and managing the required electrical product information. This administrative work – because that is what it is – takes up the time that he is actually designing, exactly what an engineer is an engineer for. Typically, various databases are maintained within organizations, often containing incomplete or incorrect product information. The result? High management time and high error rate. This can be done more efficiently, according to Yellax!


Search all product data from one place, manage it uniformly and easily and unambiguously exchange this data with other systems. Based on these principles, Yellax started developing its software platform BeeFinity in 2016. With BeeFinity, Yellax offers an article management environment that is specifically intended to provide engineers and other stakeholders (including purchasers and work planners) at asset owners, system integrators and machine builders with high-quality article data and to spare as much as possible in the management of this data. A classification model used for uniformity and co-creation to continuously feed users with improved article data, are the stepping stone within BeeFinity to make this all possible. Through efficient article management, the use of BeeFinity not only provides these companies with significant time and quality savings, but also enormous ease of work, which according to users increases job satisfaction.

Product data from 2BA as a basis

The BeeFinity product platform is linked to 2BA in order to always have up-to-date, ETIM classified, uniform product data from manufacturers of electrical engineering materials available within BeeFinity. For example, the database of the BeeFinity user is automatically updated on a regular basis with current product and price information from the 2BA data pool.

Additional engineering information

What makes BeeFinity a specific tool for engineers, however, is the possibility to keep a grip on the article data that is relevant to your organization, including from 2BA. The data from 2BA can be enriched in BeeFinity with additional electrical product features, descriptions and translations, such as are often required for engineers. We are talking about features that are in principle not supplied to 2BA by the manufacturer, such as:

  • Generate article codes and (multilingual) product descriptions according to your own wishes;
  • Dimensions of products;
  • Heat dissipation/ power loss;
  • Appendices such as datasheets, connection manuals and 3D macros

This data can then be easily exchanged to the desired target systems within or outside your organization, in which article data is required. For example an ERP system, a CAD system such as EPlan or configuration software such as Typical Manager.
Thanks to the collaboration between Yellax and 2BA, asset owners, system integrators and machine builders benefit from the best of both worlds!

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