ERP Software Suppliers

2BA offers various possibilities for making product and related trade data and possibly estimation time standards of Techniek Nederland available to users of your application(s), namely:

  • Direct linking through Web Services (SOAP and JSON)
  • Integration of the 2BA Unifeed where product and/or trade data can be acquired directly
  • Downloading datasets through the most recent exchange formats, whether automated or not, through Web Services
In batch or real-time? It’s up to you!

Product and related trade data (such as price, forms of packaging and stocks) can be viewed from the 2BA database through periodic downloads in the ERP software of installation and assembly companies. In addition, a growing number of software parties supports the Unifeed search engine developed by 2BA. This allows the user to search from their own software online in the 2BA Data Pool and to directly transfer the selected items in this tool. Here too, the filter option on ETIM product classes and/or features offers an important tool with which to find the right product fast.

Manufacturers and wholesalers can also provide item data from their ERP package for publication through 2BA. The file to be exported must be uploaded in Sales005 or BMEcat format at 2BA.

List of ERP Software Partners

Are you interested?

Of course, there is much more to be coordinated between you as a potential partner and 2BA. So register now, and a 2BA staff member will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment for a visit. During this no-strings-attached meeting, we will discuss all the possibilities 2BA offers and, if necessary, a route can already be determined for you to join as a 2BA partner.

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