PIM Software Suppliers

You are a PIM software vendor and of course we don’t need to tell you about the importance of structured management of product and trade data. In addition to data management, it is of course essential for the supplier to be able to distribute their data to their end users and/or resellers. And in the most efficient way possible. 2BA facilitates this through a single channel.

What does 2BA offer you as a PIM Software Supplier?

  • Guidance on implementation of exchange formats SALES005 and BMEcat 2005 ETIM Guideline V4.0.x.
  • Enrichment of your software by viewers such as the ETIM MC Viewer and 3D viewer for validation of ETIM MC data
  • Test environment for offering datasets
  • Understanding the data needs of the market
  • Inclusion in the 2BA software partners overview.

Game Rules

When you want to join as a PIM software vendor, there are some important ground rules:

  1. Support of the most current exchange formats, with a preference for Dutch standard SALES005 or the International standard BMEcat 2005 ETIM
  2. Guideline V4.0.2. The software package may only offer valid datasets.
  3. Full support of data needs per target group
  4. Support of the ETIM Classification including ETIM National features, with a preference for the ETIM Dynamic version
  5. A proactive commitment with respect to improving Data Label at the data supplier

Premium Software Partners

For manufacturers, it is important that the PIM software in use seamlessly connects to the contemporary data needs of the industry. From this point of view, 2BA has started a certification process involving specific ‘premium partners’ and regular partners. Premium partners distinguish themselves by:

  1. the currently applicable exchange formats DICO and/ or BMEcat 2005 ETIM V4.0.x
    1. and corresponding correct mapping to the 2BA Data Pool
  2. the current data needs of the industry
  3. ETIM Classification (dynamic)
  4. the “Reason No Attribute Value” solution for the purpose of the ETIM Classification
  5. ETIM MC (model class) for the open Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library)

List of PIM Partners



Are you interested?

Of course, there is much more to be coordinated between you as a potential partner and 2BA. So register now, and a 2BA staff member will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment for a visit. During this no-strings-attached meeting, we will discuss all the possibilities 2BA offers and, if necessary, a route can already be determined for you to join as a 2BA partner.


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