Information for suppliers

In addition to reading condition files, the Online Condition Server (OCS) also supports:

If your organization provides a stock and/or net price through a web service, or intends to develop it, these web services can be linked to the Online Condition Server of 2BA. With this link your customers have access to real-time stock and/or their own net price information within Unifeed or the ERP package.

Possible options for the stock web service:

  1. Stock available yes/no; this is indicated by a tick or cross.
  2. The number in stock; this is indicated by the specific number in stock.

Both the stock and net price Web service can be provided with authentication. Authentication can be based on user name, password and/or debtor number.


For calling up your Web service, 2BA supports both SOAP and JSON formats.

Would you like to join or find more information?

If your organisation already has a Web service, complete this form and return it to us at: or get in touch with your contact at 2BA.

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