Parts of your sensitive data are stored in 2BA’s private cloud. Security of this service is essential. You do not want your conditions to be put on the street or even to your competitor. “Your business environment”, in which the conditions and possibly external account data is stored, is therefore a completely separate database that other accounts cannot access.

Company database

The conditions are stored in its own database. This database is not shared and not accessible to other companies. Multiple company databases are possible. This can be useful for test/production environments or e.g. different operating companies with different suppliers/preferences.


Communication via the interface of the Condition Server, for example for uploading the conditions, takes place over a secure https connection. (*1)


Every request to the Condition Server is logged. This stores both the details of the request and the calculated results. This allows you to see exactly what is happening.


Your database(s) are backed up every day. We keep the last 7 days of these backups and 1 backup per month. These backups are made to survive (system) crashes (*2)

Failover environment

The DaaS architecture (online working) of 2BA is designed in such a way that it is constantly available at two geographically separated locations (Amsterdam and Alblasserdam). The Condition Server is part of the DaaS architecture and is therefore also available at these two locations. The failover environment is updated once a night. 


(*1) The use of our API, Unifeed, can be done over both http and https. This is a choice that you can make yourself or that is made by your software supplier. The use of the web services via http or https from your supplier via the Condition Server is determined by the supplier

(*2) To restore a backup made by us, at your request, an amount of € 150 will be charged. However, you can backup and restore your own database(s) yourself using the functionality provided for this purpose. No costs will be charged for backing up/restoring yourself.

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