Online Condition Server

The Online Condition Server offers users the option to convert the gross price information made available by suppliers into net price information based on agreed conditions. As a result, within Unifeed, for example, in addition to general trade information, such as minimum order quantity, step size and the number of usage units and gross price, the company’s own net purchase prices are also shown.

The Online Condition Server is hosted via a secure environment within the 2BA cloud.


  1. Go to (Note! To start a database you must have the ‘superuser’ right).
  2. Choose [Create new database] and enter the desired database name and choose [Save].
  3. You can then upload the condition file(s), manually create condition rules or, if the supplier supports this, enable real-time stock and net price information.

Where necessary, an explanation is available for each function within the Online Condition Server via the [Help] button.

The use of the Online Condition Server is included as a light version with a subscription to 2BA. If you want more advanced options such as multiple databases, logging and extensive backup options, you can purchase a paid subscription. Click here for rates and more information.


Of course, your discount files are well protected in this secure data environment. For example, security is periodically tested by an independent institute.

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