Interfaces – JSON

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With interfaceType=JSON the following flows are possible:

  • without hookUrl
  • with hookUrl

Without hookUrl

When importing one or more articles, navigation to /interface/JSON takes place, placing the details of the selected item(s) in the body. Navigation to /interface/JSON can be monitored / read by using a browser embedded in the appliction. After this trigger, the body can be parsed and processed further.

With hookUrl

When importing one or more articles, the JSON is POSTed to the specified hookUrl. This is a normal FORM-POST. The JSON message is supplied in a form-field named “Json”.

Details van de interface


Article, Selection list, Product

Action REDIRECT to /interface/JSON (for article (1) and selection list (2) interface)
REDIRECT to /interface/ProductJSON (for product (4) interface)
Content 2BA JSON containing one or more articles
Example opening Unifeed 
Example response For article and selection list:


	"SupplierName":"Grundfos Nederland",
	"SupplierName":"Technische Unie",

For product:

	"Description":"ALPHA2 25-40 130 1x230V 50Hz 6H"
Example code Example “JSON” interface, parsing from embedded browser


using System.Windows.Navigation;

private void UnifeedBrowser_Navigated(object sender, NavigationEventArgs e)
	if (e.Uri==null || e.Uri.LocalPath != "/interface/JSON")

	// In standard Forms applications: webBrowser.DocumentText
	var jsondata = ((mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass)this.UnifeedBrowser.Document).body.innerHTML; 

After importing the items, the associated details can be retrieved using the “Product /DetailsByGLNAndTradeItemCodeA” web service.


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