Unifeed – Search



  1. Free text. Search by any combination of brand, series, type, product description, supplier, class, features etc. . 
    1. 1. Unifeed searches for whole words by default. Using wildcards (*, ?) you can search for parts of a word.
      1. Fiets –> Fiets (words like Fietsbel are not found)
      2. Fiets* –> Fietsbel, Fietsband, Fietszadel, Fietstas, Fietsrek,
      3. Fiets??? –>  Fietsbel, Fietstas, Fietsrek
    2. 2. Specifying two or more words means that all words specified must appear in the results (AND) .
      Example: ABB ALS
    3. | (pipe) can be used for or situations (OR). Example: blue | green;blauw | groen
  2. Active filters. At the top of the screen, the active filters are displayed. Filters can be removed and added here.
  3. Add feature. Add an ETIM feature filter without first choosing a class.
  4. Suppliers: Standard search is performed across all vendors. Here you can choose to search only from 1 specific supplier. For logged-in users it is also possible to search in “Mijn leveranciers” (My Suppliers), a self- compiled list of suppliers.
  5. Expired products: Ability to search in expired products as well.
  6. If the search returns multiple ETIM classes, you will first be taken to the “Klassen” (Classes) tab. Here you can choose the desired class. The advantage of choosing a class, is that all feature filters (7) for that class are shown. It is also possible to not choose a class, by clicking on the “Producten” (Products) tab.
  7. Feature. The moment an ETIM class is chosen, the ETIM feature filters are shown here, with all possible values.
  8. Brand. Under the “Merk” (Brand) tab, you will find filters for brand, series and type.
  9. Feature filter values. Add the desired values as a filter for your search.
  10. Number of selected feature values. Clicking on “x” deletes all set values for this feature at once.
  11. Search: Clicking the search button activates the search. Similar to key in search field (1)
  12. Delete: Clear search including all filters.
  13. Share: Share search. Open an email containing a link with search text and all filters. Useful to send to others, or for yourself to save the search.

Order of search results

The Unifeed search engine shows search results based on product information. For the order (sorting), an algorithm is used which, in addition to data richness, also takes into account the relevance of the product. Here are the most important factors (in order of importance):

  1. Does the product contain trade items of suppliers
  2. Is the product still in production
  3. Is the product ETIM classified
  4. Does the product have an image
  5. How many technical features have been filled compared to the maximum number to be filled

The more complete the data supplier presents the product, the easier the product is findable for buyers.

The sorting can of course be controlled manually based on various filter functions such as: suppliers, ETIM characteristic, refurbished, used and rental.

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