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Supplying parameters via the address bar

Unifeed offers the ability to supply parameters up front via the address bar (url). This allows searches to be stored among your ‘favorites’ or shared via e-mail. It is also possible to use parameters to directly jump to the details page of a desired product.

Parameters are required to be URL-encoded. Example: https://unifeed.2ba.nl/?q=pomp


https   https://unifeed.2ba.nl/

Listing of all possible parameters

Parameter  Description  Example
q or query Search word, free text  q=ledlamp or query=ledlamp
filter Extended filtering options in JSON notation. The full description can be found on the “Parameters filter” page.

Example for searching within specified ETIM classes:

 filter={“filters”:[{“id”:”class”,”name”:”Klasse”,”type”:”class”,”values”:[{“id”:”EC000188″,”name”:”Bistabiel relais”},{“id”:”EC000196″,”name”:”Hulprelais”}]}]}

Example for searching within specified suppliers:

filter={“filters”:[{“id”:”sgln”,”name”:”Specifiek”,”type”:”sgln”,”values”:[{“id”:”8711389000001″,”name”:”Technische Unie”},{“id”:”8711891990012″,”name”:”Solar Nederland”},{“id”:”8714253035000″,”name”:”Oosterberg”},{“id”:”8714253038261″,”name”:”Finder”}]}]}


productId, 2BA product identifier (long).

Opens Unifeed with the product details screen (deeplink).


tradeItemId, 2BA trade item identifier (long).

Opens Unifeed with the trade details screen (deeplink) (see also showTradeItemView)
The article will be shown shaded on the product details page.


Supplier or manufacturer’s GLN, only valid if combined with productcode or tradeItemId.

Opens Unifeed with the product details screen.


Manufacturer’s product code, only valid if combined with gln.

Opens Unifeed with the product details screen.


Supplier’s Article number, only valid if combined with (supplier-)gln.

Opens Unifeed with the trade details screen (see also showTradeItemView)
The article will be shown shaded on the product details page.


Project number. Can be used to instruct the condition server to calculate net. prices based on project conditions.

(starting with Unifeed version 1.2)


Set TradeItemsMinimal to false in order to view article prices and to enable importing to the selection list.

(The data will also be shown if an interfaceType has been supplied.)


Unifeed offers various interface options; TradeItems (1) to import a single article, SelectionList (2) to import a list of articles, ProductId (4) to import product identification, and Calculatie Tijdnormen (8) to import time standards. A combination of the various types is also available.

If an interfaceType is supplied, but without an interface value, the default is 3.

interface=1 (tradeItem)
interface=2 (selectionList)
interface=3 (tradeItem, selectionList)
interface=4 (productId)
interface=5 (tradeItem, productId)
interface=6 (selectionList, productId)
interface=7 (tradeItem, selectionList, productId)
interface=8 (calculatie tijdnormen)
interface=16 (calculatie tijdnormen / only one timestandard via JSONPOST)

 interfaceType Unifeed supports multiple interfaceTypes. The OCI interface used by SAP, or a JSON-based interface.  (See also interfaces)

interfaceType=OCI (deprecated)

for backward compatibility: interfaceType=InterfaceUrl

 hookUrl If an interfaceType has been supplied, it becomes possible to supply a url to which the interface data will be posted. Only valid for JSONPOST, JSONGET and OCI & OCI2 interfaceTypes.  hookUrl=https://unifeed.2ba.nl/interface
selectionListName The name of the Selection List. If not supplied, the default Selection List of the currently logged-in user is used. Found articles can be placed on the user’s selection list. The selection list can be imported as a whole into your ERP package using a Unifeed interface, or via webservices. (MAX. 100 chars long) selectionListName=MyChosenArticles
ClearSelectionList When ClearSelectionList=true is given, the (current) selectionlist will be cleaned at startup of Unifeed. ClearSelectionList=true
accessToken It is possible to directly log into Unifeed by using an accessToken. This is an OAuth Access Token, which can be obtained via our authorize server. See webservices/OAuth2 for more information. accessToken=gAAAAIPq3JGWf_28yteZrMHQ……………..
appSwitcher It is possible to disable the appSwitcher menu. This is specially handy when Unifeed is integrated within CRM/ERP/CAD or another application AppSwitcher=false
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