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Groothandel Elektrobode

Wholesaler Elektrobode (Alfana) transfers articles from 2BA directly to its web store

With more than 500,000 electrotechnical products, Elektrobode has grown into one of the largest suppliers of electrotechnical products, after it started their own webshop in 2007

Over the years, the range has been expanded further and further, the company has hired expert employees and the most affordable prices can be used..

Wholsesaler Elektrobode | data user| via webservices | since 2016.

ETIM Product Features: Available for multiple purposes

ETIM (ETIM Technical Information Model) links specific, technical product characteristics per product class.

These characteristics are provided by the manufacturer to 2BA on a product-by-product basis for correction and full inclusion in the 2BA database.

Wholesalers can then link their trade information to the product information of the manufacturer (price, packaging unit, delivery time, etc.).

Technical product characteristics now also in the web store!

As mentioned earlier, convenience serves the purpose. Because all product and trade information is already stored in 2BA, Elektrobode makes good use of this to immediately fill and update its own web store (based on downloads from 2BA). Recently Elektrobode took an extra step in this; the company now also transfers all ETIM product characteristics from 2BA to the web store. As a result, the web store visitor will from now on receive the same product information as the installer who requests items from Elektrobode through the 2BA Unifeed search engine.

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