Testing the 2BA Unifeed search engine in combination with calculation software

2BA DemoCalc is a sample program that demonstrates the interaction between a calculation program and the 2BA Data Pool. The program uses the 2BA Unifeed search engine. Although DemoCalc (as the name implies) is not a real program, it demonstrates how data from ‘Unifeed’ can be transferred to a calculation tool. DemoCalc uses the interface type JSON (see Unifeed – Parameters).


First of all, a link with a 2BA user account should be established using the ‘settings’ tab. Then, using the F2 function key, the Unifeed search engine can be called to search for a product within the 2BA Data Pool. In addition to searching for product and trade data, the Calculation Time Standards browser can optionally be called up (through the F3 key).

Importing item data and time standards

Once the item or time standard has been found, the ‘Import’ button can be used to transfer the item from the desired supplier to DemoCalc. The digital ‘key’ (GLN + item number) of the item is also copied. This feature uses 2BA’s extensive web services. DemoCalc only retrieves a small number of fields for demonstration purposes but can be extended through Web Services to all product and trade data as available within the data model.

Also in permanent mode

Within DemoCalc, Unifeed and the Calculation Time Standards browser opens by default via a pop-up (modal dialogue). Through the settings menu, these applications can also be opened in the so-called “continuous mode”, i.e. in a fixed window.

Note! The application runs under Windows XP and later versions. .NET Framework 4.0 or later version is required. During the start-up, the application is automatically updated to the most recent version.

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