Net prices and real time stock information from your suppliers

For data customers such as installers and assembly companies, 2BA has developed the Online Condition Server. A secure data environment, where you can read the discount files received per supplier. As a result, you always have your own net prices available and can transfer them to, for example, your calculation or purchasing system.

Condition Messages

The conditions in the form of discount percentages or net prices can be imported using the industry formats such as the “ICC 1.1” or “GS1 XML INSBOU Conditions” message. You must request these files from your supplier(s), for example through [Request condition message] button on the presentation pages (login required). In addition to importing, you have the option of entering or changing conditions manually.

Real-time information in the 2BA Unifeed search engine

Besides reading or manually entering discount agreements (see above), the Online Condition Server also supports the real-time display of net price and current stock information from your suppliers. The 2BA Unifeed search engine tells you immediately whether the item is in stock at your supplier(s). You can also have a combined display of both the current number and the net purchase price.

Check out the suppliers with a Web Service link here:
Suppliers with stock information Suppliers with nett price information
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