Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library)

You, the UOB and 2BA: Working together for the future

UOB normalThe Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (UOB, uniform objects library) is a new and ground-breaking CAD platform for the installation sector. The library allows selected, specific product data to be automatically linked to a generic template CAD object. Directly from 2BA’s product database!

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What is the UOB?

The Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek is an intermediate software platform between CAD systems on one side and the 2BA datapool on the other. Using the UOB, CAD engineers and/or modellers can specify an object using a wide range of template CAD objects linked to ETIM product classes in combination with product data from manufacturers participating in 2BA.

In order to make a generic template object from the UOB design specific, the UOB makes it possible to involve real-time relevant product information from the 2BA database in this process. The ETIM MC (Modelling Class) data provided by participating manufacturers to 2BA for this purpose serves as an important selection criterion. This largely concerns the geometric (read: size) data of your products.

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UOB provides us with a scalable and flexible system that is always up to date.


“We are happy with UOB. It means we are less dependent on third parties, who used to make the 3D objects for us for BIM projects. Now we can upload our own data, which is transformed into objects by the UOB portal. Currently this only applies to Revit, but soon this will be to any software package. We are now responsible for the quality and timeliness of the object data, and that is how it should be. Digital developments are moving fast, and the data the industry needs today will be outdated tomorrow.”

Albert Dunnink, Head of Productmanagement | Zehnder Group Nederland

Digitisation is crucial to taking on the challenges we face.

ENGIE Services Nederland N.V.

“BIM is an important pillar in this regard. UOB provides us with the standardisation we need for true digital collaboration. It is fast, efficient and high-quality. UOB leads to better construction control, optimisation of ordering and execution processes, more circularity and better information in case of failures and repurposing.”

Kees Boekel, BIM Programme manager | ENGIE Services Nederland N.V.

3D models interchangeable at all stages of the design process

The UOB allows consulting and engineering firms, technical service providers and subcontractors to work together on the basis of a single standard: ETIM and ETIM-MC structured manufacturer data, as stored in the 2BA datapool. This open standard ensures that 3D models between parties in the chain are actually interchangeable, regardless of different CAD applications. Both in all phases of the design process, and afterwards in estimation, ordering, delivery and realisation phases. Up to and including maintenance and long-term management.

The UOB is an acceleration project of the DigiDeal Built Environment and represents a crucial step forward for the Building Information Model 3D (BIM 3D).
The open e Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library) accelerates digitisation in the business chain so that it can collaborate more often and better based on shared information and shared insight. This greatly increases the strength and contribution of participating companies, also when it comes to sustainability and circularity.

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For that reason, the UOB!

  • Working smarter digitally makes your company and the sector stronger. That is good for our future.
  • Modelling becomes a lot more fun. It is search, find and use with the UOB. You build directly on a valuable 3D model.
  • You model from generic to specific and back again. It is also possible to directly model everything in specific, without conversion.
  • The UOB is the step that is needed to really allow the data to grow in a BIM.
  • Because the basic objects remain the same, you can add or remove information further down the line without destroying your model.
  • The open UOB ensures true cooperation within the chain.
  • Fewer errors and delays in the design, construction and maintenance process of buildings.

Would you like to know more about the UOB?

If your interest is piqued and you would like more information about the UOB, please visit the website of openuob.nl
For more technical information, click here

Go to www.openuob.nl

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