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The product data from the 2BA database is also used by installation companies in various Techniek Nederland services, such as Calculation Time Standards, FGO+ and the system label calculator.

Calculation Time Standards

The Techniek Nederland calculation time standards offer the corresponding assembly time in work hours for each product or recipe in order to base a time estimation on them. The Techniek Nederland calculation time standards have been compiled accurately and in detail by time standards specialists in the industry. The installer can subscribe to 2BA for Calculation Time Standards linked to your products. In the 2BA Data Pool, products are classified according to the ETIM Classification Model. Based on this ETIM product class, the Techniek Nederland calculation time standards are linked to it. These assembly standards can therefore be automatically displayed with the product during the calculation.

Format Publisher Suitable for Information
Handbook of Air Conditioning and Sanitation (paper version) Techniek Nederland Reading Click here
Electrical Engineering Handbook (paper version) Techniek Nederland Reading Click here
.txt or .xml files Techniek Nederland Import into your ERP package; you must make any links to products/articles yourself.  ** Click here
Online calculation time standards Techniek Nederland Online use (searching, reading etc. the printed book in digital form)
Use in ERP software via web service (search, read, retrieve time standard).

Click here
Subscription with 2BA:
Format Publisher Suitable for Information
Online calculation time standards linked products 2BA Use in ERP software via Web Services (search, read retrieve products with time standard through Unifeed.)**

Use in Unifeed (search, read products through Unifeed)

Click here

** Ask your software supplier about the possibilities and whether these are already integrated in your package.

FGO+ (manufacture-related maintenance guidelines)


On the FGO+ website you will find maintenance data and fault codes for over 1,200 heating appliances with a load of up to 130 kW. The number of devices is growing every year. Standard maintenance forms have been prepared for these devices, which can be used in daily practice. These are the maintenance points, the setting data, but also the fault and service codes. You can complete these forms online and store locally in the customer’s local maintenance file.

Questions about FGO+? You can ask your question here using the contact form or by email:

System Label Calculator


As of 26 September 2015, European regulations require installation companies to generate energy labels for a combination of devices, the so-called system label or package label. To enable you to provide your customers with the correct labels quickly and adequately, Techniek Nederland, ISSO and 2BA have developed an online calculator. This handy calculation tool is available free of charge to members of Techniek Nederland. The calculator works on tablets, smartphones and computers.


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