Rates for Calculation Time Standards through 2BA

The Calculation Time Standard subscription is not a stand-alone subscription. The standard 2BA subscription is required. If your organisation already has a current 2BA subscription, the superuser of your organisation can request a contract upgrade in 2BA’s MY management environment.

Calculation Time Standards online (through Web Services)

  • Time standards by 2BA linked to ETIM product classes and any relevant features
  • Right to use the CalculationTimeStandards Web Services
  • Right to view the time standards in 2BA Unifeed
  • Right to view/transfer the time standards through Web Services or 2BA Unifeed to your own application (*)
  • Right to download all time standards to your application through the Web Services options
  • Right to both Electrical Engineering and Climate and Sanitation time standards.
  • Subscription only possible in combination with a 2BA subscription.

(*) Your application must support this. Contact your software supplier and ask about the possibilities.

Number of employees Annual rate 2024 Calculation time standards online (CTN API) (excl. VAT)
From Up to Techniek Nederland Member No Techniek Nederland Member
1 4 € 104,77 € 313,15
5 25 € 109,37 € 328,12
26 50 € 115,13 € 345,39
51 100 € 126,64 € 379,93
101 250 € 161,18 € 483,55
251 500 € 218,75 € 656,24
501 1.000 € 333,88 € 1.001,63
> 1.000 medewerkers € 564,14 € 1.726,95

The General Terms and Conditions of 2BA including Additional Terms and Conditions Calculation Time STandards apply to all our agreements. Rates per year. The 2024 rates are indexed at 6.1%.  For the number of employees, the entire organisation is considered as the sum of the formation in FTE and the average size of the flexible shell.

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