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Step 4: Assigning ETIM Product Classes

In order to be able to use product data during all steps of the business process, classification of the technical product specifications is necessary. Step four is the first step of the ETIM Classification. During this step, the product is classified into the product class (by EC code) to which it belongs. Products that have been assigned a product class can already be linked in outline with installation parts and calculation time standards. The product class also provides access to search structures in catalogues.

Product Class

A product class is the standard description of a group of products that are physically and/or functionally similar and can therefore be described with the same set of features and limit values. ETIM is manufacturer-neutral, which means that no brand-specific terms and/or descriptions are included and allowed in the classification.

The product class is indicated by means of the international EC code (formerly UBIM code). There are several methods of ascertaining the correct product class including:

ETIM Classification Management Tool (International)
PIM Software


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