Roadmap for manufacturer, agent or importer

Your first steps towards optimum data distribution through 2BA!

Common vision

2BA is keen to continue to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of its data customers – your customers – as best it can. This is only possible when manufacturers or their importers or agents submit their data to 2BA according to a common vision. With this roadmap to guide the delivery of your product data, 2BA meets this need of all manufacturers.

Steps to follow

2BA will guide you in taking the steps below for submitting product and trade item information to the 2BA Data Pool. We will take you through the following steps:

Optimal product and trade information: Key to success

As a manufacturer, agent or importer, it is important that when publishing your product range on 2BA, the product information is always complete, current and correct. It is, of course, primarily the responsibility and task of the manufacturer itself to make its product and trade information available via 2BA in order to make the articles up-to-date and optimally findable for customers. It is therefore important that manufacturers not yet participating in 2BA are motivated to also contribute to optimal product information on 2BA.

But who fills in and maintains this product data if the manufacturer is not in a position to do so? Or is unwilling to free up resources for this? In such cases, 2BA offers the possibility to assign the rights for publishing and keeping product data up to date to an organization to be designated for this purpose by the manufacturer itself. This can be, for example, the importer, a commercial agent, a distributor or a wholesaler designated for this purpose.

Manufacturer’s declaration

To avoid discussion with other parties, it is recommended to submit an official statement of agreement signed by the manufacturer to 2BA, for which you can download the concept here.


The product data responsibility always lies primarily with the manufacturer himself. With “data-via-third parties” the product data maintaining party is displayed on the presentation page of the manufacturer. In addition, the product data maintaining party can, if desired, be named in the GLN name of the manufacturer.


If your organization has the possibility to publish and maintain product data, there are a number of important rules:

  1. The product data must be kept up to date according to the delivery frequency agreed with 2BA.
  2. For the benefit of the product data maintaining party itself, work should be done on the Data Label in reference to the 2BA Label Data Label.
  3. The product deep links must refer to the manufacturer unless there is an exclusive right.
  4. The attachments may not contain any reference to the product data-maintaining party unless there is an exclusive right.
  5. Any feedback tickets submitted by customers must be followed up correctly and adequately and/or passed on to the manufacturer.
  6. The issued product right is always temporary/conditional. The product right expires with immediate effect:
    • when the manufacturer itself decides to publish data;
    • when the manufacturer officially designates another party as the product right holder.
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