Net prices and online stock information for your buyers

As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you communicate the gross price information of your products in combination with corresponding discount group(s) through 2BA. Through a separate discount file you inform your customers which discount belongs to which discount group. For the benefit of your customers, 2BA has developed the Online Condition Server. A secure environment, where the customer can read the discount files received per supplier. This allows each buyer to have their own net prices and to transfer them to their estimating or purchasing system, for example.

Real-time price and stock information through Web Service link

In addition to reading or manually entering into discount agreements, the OCS also supports real-time stock and net price information through Web Service links. This shows a user, through the 2BA Unifeed search engine, whether the item is in stock. The combined display of both the current number (or stock available yes / no) and the net purchase price is also possible.
If you, as a manufacturer or wholesaler, already have a stock and/or net price Web Service (for example for stock information within your own web store or product catalogue) or intend to develop one, it can be linked to the Online Condition Server of 2BA.
Check out the suppliers with a Web Service link here:
Suppliers with stock information Suppliers with net price information

With or without authentication

Naturally, your stock can take place as a net price Web service based on authentication. Depending on your own Web service, authentication is possible based on username and password and possibly expanded to include the debtor number of your customers.

Connect directly


Your discount files are well protected in this secure data environment. For example, the security is periodically tested by an independent institute.

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