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Complete data is essential, for everyone. It forms the basis for key business processes across the industry. It is the basis for e-commerce, catalogues (digital and print), logistics, the Building Information Model (BIM), mutual transactions, and for being able to meet legally established requirements. Every NULL value represents a stopping point in your buyers’ processes, which must then be resolved with a phone call, email exchange, or separate spreadsheets of data. In other words: without complete data, no successful business processes.

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Validation by 2BA

To ensure the quality of the data supplied, various checks on the product and trade data are possible within 2BA, such as validation based on:

  • Use of valid messages (exchange formats);
  • Content fields such as, for example, the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN);
  • History (both automatic and manual);
  • 3D-defined objects (ETIM-MC/UOB).

PIM system as a basis

To properly manage and deliver your product and trade data, the use of a Product Information Management (PIM) system is highly recommended. In addition to classifying and entering the relevant ETIM product features, a PIM system also enables you to deliver your product data through a correct, uniform exchange format. In addition, a PIM system can also provide you with an efficient service in combination with your ERP system. 2BA’s PIM partners will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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Data Label

Data Label

The Data Label is a useful aid to measuring and optimising product and trade information in the 2BA Data Pool, allowing customers to be able to find this information in the most efficient way possible and incorporate it into their own processes. To create a reliable basis, requirements must first be established. It can then be assessed whether data is 100% complete and usable. Only when you are 100% sure what the product number 212345 stands for, can all processes be completed without loss or risk and with savings in time. For this reason, 2BA has developed the Data Label in collaboration with wholesalers and end users. The Data Label is designed to give you, the data supplier, insight into the completeness of your trade data, and to tailor your data efforts to the needs of your customers. Your data forms the basis for key business processes across the industry.

We have developed a special page for data suppliers where you have direct insight, per data component, into the extent to which your data meets the needs of the target group.


The 2BA product database is fully set up in accordance with the specifications of the ETIM model. This model is continuously redeveloped by ETIM International, where new product classes and/or features can be added to the model. It is therefore important for producers to make an early request to ETIM International for new products, for which an extension should be made in ETIM.

But it can also happen that, for example, extra features have been added to a product class already present in ETIM (often at the request of other manufacturers). So it can also be important for you to supplement your product data with this in 2BA. So that you can be sure that you always achieve the highest possible score within the Data Label. Of course, 2BA supports you with various extensive reports and reports of the data processing.

Processing Reports

Due to the complexity of the data, several checks have been established and are performed automatically during each data delivery to 2BA. The results of this are combined in a processing report after every delivery. The report offers the possibility of detecting and ultimately restricting to a minimum any errors and/or deficiencies in your data. Once you have gone through the report, it’s up to you to decide whether to approve the data or not.

Feedback Ticket Systeem

Your data is available to all 2BA participants through the Unifeed search engine and is indirectly co-rated by your customers. The feedback ticket system gives the user a chance to submit a report about a specific product or item. This might be about incorrect GTINs or product references, or questions about trade data such as price information, order details or logistics information.

Data Statistics

The 2BA statistics provide a global insight into your data which is available through 2BA. This might include how many item records are provided with, for example, price information, discount groups and logistics information, but also how this relates to the complete data.

Query Reports

As a data provider, you will get a direct insight into the overall status of your data with the various query reports. For example, direct insight into which appendices are linked to which products. Or which suppliers refers to products not, or not yet, present in the data pool.

Deep Scan Report

The deep scan consists of a number of checks aimed at detecting specific errors in trade data. These could for example be errors in the form of price deviations or deviating units of use. These deviations are measured across multiple trade records (if present).

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