2BA contracts for manufacturers

An overview of the different 2BA contracts for manufacturers and the possibilities:

  2BA Logo deeplink 2BA ETIM Combi
One upload and download account and 3 data access accounts
Unlimited supply and publication of data
Information and support upon first publication
Use of the DICO exchange format (tradeitem and/or product message)
News item upon first publication
Showing thumbnails for all products within 2BA Unifeed
Publish deep links
Publish Product references or relationships (koppel records)
Publishing attachments (digital assets)
Extensive data processing reports
Annual quality survey and customer statistics
Data-statistieken en afnemers interesse
2BA presentation page
Display of company logo presentation page and Unifeed
You will receive the following via Ketenstandard:      
Basic membership of Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek
Access to the Dutch translation of ETIM via Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek
Participation in ETIM management and classification committees
Submitting ETIM related change requests
Free ETIM in-depth courses
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