Step 1: Defining the communication standard

The first step is to use the correct file format. Within the installation sector, manufacturers, agents, importers, wholesalers, installers and software companies, under the leadership of the Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek, have established agreements about the way in which they want to communicate product and trade data with each other. The use of this format is the starting point for all subsequent steps of the roadmap.

The choice of which communication standard to use depends heavily on which (PIM) software package is in use in your organisation. Check with your ICT Department or software vendor to see what export options are available with your package.

Click here for an overview of the currently applicable exchange formats.

No ERP or PIM software available?

If there is no ERP or PIM software in use in your organisation yet, we recommend that you start looking into it as soon as possible. 2BA has partnered with a number of leading software houses on the ETIM Classification and automated/semi-automated file exchange with the Data Pool. Even if ERP or PIM software is used but the software does not support any of the exchange formats, a 2BA PIM Partner can offer a solution.

GS1 Global Location Number (GLN)

To communicate with data, you need a Global Location Number or GS1 address code (GLN). A GLN identifies your organisation as a legal and functional entity. The GLN is a unique code and is issued and managed by the international organisation GS1. If your organisation already has a GS1 address code, you may want to look it up at GS1 based on a GTIN or company name. If your organisation does not yet have a GS1 address code, you can request one from GS1.

2BA Participants

If your company is registered as a participant with 2BA, you can also submit a GLN application to 2BA. You do this as a superuser within the GLN request menu item. In that case, this GLN will formally remain in the name of 2BA.

  GS1 – Find GS1 address code
  GS1 – Request GLN
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