You work in a competitive market. This forces your company to operate as efficiently as possible. For example, it must be possible to calculate quickly and buy materials competitively. Not only the price, but also the delivery time is often an important purchase criterion.

And it is necessary for your company that product, price and stock information is always available quickly. The era of extensive searches in product catalogues, price lists and web shops is over. When searching for items, it must also be possible to select narrowly on the right product features. So that a CAD engineer, estimator or work planner can get to work immediately.

But how do you, as an installation or assembly company, find your way as quickly and efficiently as possible in the ever-growing maze of technical products with often extensive technical specifications? So that the chance of failure can be kept to a minimum, and once an item has been selected, it can immediately be transferred into the company’s own ERP system?

Welcome to 2BA, the central product database for and by your industry!

What do we do for you?

Since 2004, 2BA has been managing the neutral datapool for the controlled and digital exchange of product data between the supplier and the customer on the basis of the international ETIM standards. The product information of the manufacturer, importer and/or agent are also incorporated in this, checked and classified. Where applicable, these data are linked to additional trade information as provided by the wholesalers. This includes price information, packaging units and logistical data such as packaging form, weight and dimensions.

In the 2BA datapool, both the product data and the associated trade data for the entire supply chain are kept complete and up to date and made available to the data users. It’s no wonder that nowadays, more than 2,000 installation and assembly companies use product and price information from the 2BA datapool on a daily basis!!

List of participating data suppliers

How does 2BA work?

Installation and assembly companies can import product and related wholesale data from the 2BA datapool into their own software packages. This can be done, for example, on the basis of a selection profile pre-set by 2BA. In addition, a growing number of software parties supports the Unifeed search engine developed by 2BA. This gives you the opportunity of searching for products online in the 2BA datapool, from your own software, and copying the selected items directly into your application. Here too, the filter option on ETIM product classes and/or features offers an important tool with which to find the right product fast. 2BA has partnered with a growing number of leading software houses of ERP and project management applications on the ETIM Classification and automated/semi-automated file exchange with the datapool.

Information from 2BA retrievable in several ways

To sum up, product and price information from the 2BA datapool can be retrieved in the following ways:

  • In file form (‘in batch’) through periodic downloads
  • Real-time in the 2BA Unifeed search engine
  • Real-time from your own application with the help of webservices, made available by 2BA

Also net purchase prices and stock information

If desired, 2BA offers the option through the Online Condition Server (OCS)  of displaying your net purchase prices of items from wholesalers and possibly the current available stock from the supplier. The mutually agreed purchase conditions (discounts) are then automatically taken into account for the calculation of the net price. However, this is subject to the supplier concerned being connected to this service.

Check out the suppliers with a webservice link here:

Data suppliers with stock information Data suppliers with nett price information

2BA in figures:

  • Over 4 million product records
  • Over 22 million trade records
  • Over 180 affiliated wholesalers
  • Over 650 data providers from approximately 1,200 manufacturers
  • Over 2,500 installation and assembly companies with a total of more than 95,000 employees
* Reference date July 2022

Also interested?

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