Interface – InterfaceUrl

ATTENTION: This (backward compatible) interface is meant to be a transitionary interface to migrate from the “old” Unfieed ( interface.
We advise you make use of the newer interfaces, such as JSON or JSONGET. JSONGET and JSON are functionally closest to InterfaceUrl. Removal of this interface type is scheduled for the end of 2016 (d.84755).



A redirect to an internal URL. The information can be retrieved from the address.


Article, Selection list

Action REDIRECT to /selectionready.aspx
Content Pipe Separated Values of 1 or more articles
Example opening Unifeed
Example response
Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Installateur Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Groothandel Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Fabrikant Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Software Partner
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