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Only difference with OCI interface is the NEW_ITEM-EXT_PRODUCT_ID is now of type long instead of guid. This is needed for further API calls.

As per 2013-03-01 Unifeed can also be used as a SAP OCI 4.0 Provider. In short, the Unifeed catalog can be initiated from the SRM Server and retrieve information from the catalog using the OCI (Open Catalog Interface).


Article, Selection list

Action POST to hookUrl
Message OCI message with one or more tradeitems. The tradeitems will be posted as an (one-based) array.
Example URL

For non SAP: 
For SAP: (see SAP configuration details below)

Example response OCI2 Output


Implementation details (SAP)

  • SAP Documentation:
  • Version: 4.0
  • Method: Call-UP using GET and data return using “Fields” POST (XML variant not implemented)
  • Supported additional functions: DETAIL
  • Unsupported functions: SOURCING, BACKGROUND_SEARCH and VALIDATE are not implemented. Please contact us if you want to use one of these functions
  • URL


You can define the catalog using code SPRO (Transaction customisations / process flow).
This documentation can be used for PM (Pant Maintenance), PS (Project System) and MM (Material Management) although less settings are possble.

Define catalog in SAP:



Define call detail of catalog (please use your credentials)

!! Pay attention! Change interfaceType to OCI2 in below image.



Define ordertype of catalogus / Map OCI fields to SAP fields (RIHFCOM_XL)





OCI Format mapping

Field name Details Mapping 2BA
char 40
Description of the item TradeItem.Description (Cut to length 40)
char 40
SRM product number of the item
char 15
Item quantity; 11 digits before the decimal point, 3 after it. Do not use commas for thousands. The entered quantity on selection or from selectionlist
char 3
Quantity unit for item quantity TradeItem.OrderUnitMeasureUnitCode (ISO codes like PCE, MTR)
char 15
Price of an item per price unit; 11 digits before the decimal point, 3 after it. Do not use commas for thousands. TradeItem.GrossPricePerOrderUnit * Quantity (or when condition server is active and a netprice is found, the netprice will be used)
char 5
Item currency; Must be maintained as ISO code in the SRM Server. TradeItem.CurrencyCode
char 9
Price unit of the item (if empty, 1 is used)
char 5
Delivery time of the item in days TradeItem.DeliveryTime (only when TradeItem.DeliveryTimeMeasureUnitCode == 803(days))
char 8
Long text for the item TradeItem.LongDescription (Mostly not filled)
char 10
SRM vendor number (business partner) for the item TradeItem.SupplierGLN
char 40
Vendor product number for the item TradeItem.TradeItemId
char 10
SRM manufacturer number of the item TradeItem.ManufacturerGLN / Product.ManufacturerGLN
char 40
Item’s manufacturer part number TradeItem.ManufacturersProductId / Product.ManufacturersProductId
char 10
SRM material group for the item TradeItem.AllowanceGroup
char 1
Flag: the item is a service.
char 10
SRM contract to which the item refers
char 5
Item within the SRM contract
char 35
Number of an external bid for this item (as reference for a subsequent purchase order)
char 10
Item of external bid
char 40
Unique database key for this item in the catalog TradeItem.ID (2BA’s internal ID, used in back-link of the DETAIL function)
char 255
URL of the attachment (the attachment must be accessible for downloading under this URL)
char 255
Title of the attachment (if this is empty the file name from the URL above is used)
char 1
Purpose of the attachment. C corresponds here to configuration.
char 10
Name of a schema via which it was imported in the SRM Server
char 60
Unique key for an external category from the schema above, independent of the version of the schema
char 40
Unique key for an external category from the schema above, dependent on the version of the schema
char 60
Name of a system in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)



char 10
An ETIM product class is a standard description of a group of products that correspond physically and / or functionally and can therefore be described with the same set of characteristics and limit values ​​according to the ETIM classification. Productclass
char 10
Number that indicates how many units per order must be taken as a minimum. MinimumOrderQuantity
char 10
The number that indicates in which multiple the article can be ordered.Example: The minimum purchase is one box of light bulbs (1 piece), where the step size is 5 pieces. One can then place orders in the series 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. boxes of light bulbs. OrderMultiple
char 20
User-defined field TradeItem.SupplierGLN (same as NEW_ITEM-VENDOR[n])
char 50
User-defined field  TradeItem.Price.GrossPriceInOrderUnit (the gross price of one ordered tradeitemid)
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