Interfaces – JSONGET

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When using the JSONGET interface type, the details of the selected item(s) are placed in the request. The request itself is made to the URL specified by the hookUrl parameter

After importing the items, the web service “TradeItem/DetailsByGLNAndTradeItemIdA” can be used to retrieve, for example, the article’s details.


Article, Selection list, Product

Action GET to/from hookUrl, message supplied as querystring parameter. ATTENTION: querystring has a maximum of 2000 characters, avoid using it with a selection list). Navigation to the specified hookUrl will take place.
Content 2BA JSON containing one or more articles
Example opening Unifeed
Example response (see “JSON” tab)
Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Installateur Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Groothandel Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Fabrikant Wat biedt 2BA voor u als Software Partner
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