Koppel tabel

We have received requests from a number of parties who want to be able to pass on links between products, between items or between products and items (trade). The Koppel tabel, as it is called, is an expansion of the PAB product and item message.

The following links exist in the current model:

  • At product level: successor and predecessor
  • At item/trade level: reference to product, successor and predecessor

In addition to the links above, all other types of links are placed in a separate connected table. Three types of relationship can be distinguished here:

  • Product on product (P-P),
  • Product on item (P-A),
  • Item on item (A-A)

If the manufacturer delivers these details, the products that fit on the product selected will be displayed under the ‘Verwant’ tab in Unifeed.


PDFDescription of Koppel tabel file format (Dutch)
PDFDescription of Products and Item Relationships (English)


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