Through SFTP Protocol

For the upload of datasets, preference is given to delivery via the SFTP protocol.


If the datasets are to be uploaded through SFTP, an SFTP account is required. The SFTP account is a company-wide account that should be linked to an existing user account with the function ‘Data upload’. This linked account will receive the email messages with regard to the processing. These might include the processing report, any interactive checks and the messages with which to approve or disapprove the data processing.

User accounts with the function ‘Super user’ can set up/activate an SFTP account through the My environment, in the menu [Mijn bedrijf] (My company), [ SFTP instellingen] (SFTP settings).

The SFTP account is a stand-alone account because it is integrated into the export feature of PIM software, for example, or can be incorporated in the user’s own scripts. An additional advantage is that the SFTP account can be transferred to another account allowing the credentials of the SFTP account to remain unchanged.

  • Server address :
  • Login Name : {the username generated by the system}
  • Password : {the password generated by the system}
  • Port : 22
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