The electronic exchange and distribution of data is here to stay. However, as soon as people go outsides their ‘own’ system, there is unfortunately a lack of uniformity and a great deal of effort is required to exchange the information correctly and ready for use. This has resulted in the Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek, in agreements with the participating companies, deciding a few years ago to establishing a number of rules and agreements for uniform use, in the: ASCII* ASCII Productgegevens & Artikel (PAB, Product data and item).

An important point of attention is that the PAB exchange format is now very outdated and no longer corresponds to today’s data needs. Due to the arrival of new formats, the PAB exchange format has not been further developed since 2007, so it is not recommended to use it for the exchange of data.**

ZIP ASCII Product information & Item message (PAB) 2.0

* ETIM uses the term ‘ASCII’ for the GABI, PAB 1 and PAB 2 formats. However, in practice, exchange actually takes place according to the ANSI/Latin-1 (officially: ISO/IEC 8859-1) set. This is essential to exchange with 2BA. For more information: WikipediA ISO 8859-1

** Since the uniform description of the ASCII messages in the installation sector, the Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek foundation has decided to stop any further development. The starting point for data communication in the installation sector is the functional layout which, together with GSI Nederlands, has been incorporated into the GSI importing convention for the installation sector. The messages based on that are the sector standards which the Ketenstandaard will further develop.

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