Publishing a file

The processing chain

When a dataset, in compliance with the requirements of the file format, is received by the 2BA system, the processing is set in motion.

In short, the following steps are taken:

  1. Establishment and validation of the file format and delivery type.
  2. Various checks and actions on the data (also with regard to data present in the data pool).
  3. Any interactive actions on the data delivered will be proposed by email to the data uploader.
  4. The data will be made available on the STAGING environment and the reporting will be offered by email by way of a check.
  5. Once the reporting has been checked, the data can be approved or disapproved. If approved, the data will be loaded through to the MASTER environment.
  6. Once approved, your data will be available to customers and visible on Unifeed the day after it is loaded through.

N.B. Only one processing per supplier can be dealt with; multiple deliveries will be automatically placed in the queue.

Method of publishing/approving data

The method of publishing data consists of 3 steps:

  1. After you have checked the statistics, you tick the box to show you agree with the changes in the data.
  2. Once you have read the tab checks you can also indicate that you agree with that too.
  3. When you have agreed with both elements, the [Data goedkeuren] (Approve data) button becomes active and the data can be loaded through.

N.B. We recommend you publish a dataset on the same day it is delivered. Published data is available in the product environment and in the Unifeed search engine the following day. If that data has been published, it can no longer be disapproved.

Statistics and checks

The statistics tab gives you important information about the data delivered with regard to the data that is already available through 2BA. The statistics which have been 100% filled in are not displayed, as standard, but can be activated separately with the option ‘display 100% statistics’.
The checks tab gives you information per check or action. Detailed information can be viewed per line. These overviews are restricted to the first 250 notifications. By using parameters.xml, one of the possible options is to request that all detail notifications in the report be displayed.

Type of data delivery/processing

A dataset can be delivered as a mutation or complete type. Depending on the type of delivery, the data will be added or data already present will be supplemented or replaced completely (!).

Type Complete
A dataset can be delivered as a mutation or complete type. Depending on the type of delivery, the data will be added or data already present will be supplemented or replaced completely (!).

Data already in the data pool will be completely replaced by the newly delivered data. Item records which are not present in the dataset delivered will therefore be permanently deleted from the data pool and removed to the clean set! Any product records missing from the dataset delivered will be given the status code ‘lapsed'(130) and will remain available as a collecting point for trade records and for product history (such as ETIM features, attachments, product references and relationships).

Type Update
In the case of an update, records already present will be brought up to date and any new records added. Records present in the data pool that are missing from the dataset delivered remain available without change.


  1. If the product or item message is not included in the delivery in the case of a complete processing, these records will remain available, without change.
  2. ETIM features will be added or amended.

Interactive checks (Level 9)

Interactive checks are those actions carried out during the data processing. In an interactive check, the data uploader is asked which action should be carried out. The data uploader is given the opportunity of having the choice(s) selected automatically carried out for subsequent deliveries. These checks can be administered through the overview of interactive checks with your data deliveries.

Online mutate

With the online mutate function, adjustments can be made quickly to product and/or item data, for example for emergencies surrounding published price data and other data and to quickly respond to feedback from installers and wholesalers. Go to information about online mutate.

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