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Estimation time standards linked to product data

Techniek Nederland

TechniekNederlandThe calculation time standards of Techniek Nederland offer per manufacturer product the standardised processing and/or assembly time in work hours, so you can substantiate a calculation of time on this basis. The Techniek Nederland calculation time standards have been compiled accurately and in detail by time standards specialists in the industry. Within these time standards, environmental factors such as new construction, existing construction, and repetitive or one-time installation activities are also taken into account.

Calculation time standards with product link through 2BA

Where possible, 2BA in turn has linked these calculation time standards to the ETIM product classes. Provided that products are classified in an ETIM product class and for these product classes Techniek Nederland time standards are also known, these standards can be automatically displayed in 2BA with the product. This enables the estimator to quickly calculate the net cost price of the product, as well as the standard assembly time and the associated costs. 

2BA offers two options for the estimator to use the calculation time standards linked to products:

  • In the 2BA Unifeed search engine. The relevant assembly time standard is displayed for a product found. Click here for more details.
  • Through various software packages for (among others) installers within which the Calculation Time Standards, Web Services or the 2BA Unifeed module for calculation time standards are supported.

The following software vendors already support the calculation time standards web services or Unifeed module:

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