What does 2BA offer?

2BA ETIM Combi Contract


Type of contract + number of employees

Annual rate 2021 (excl. VAT)
FEDET member
Annual rate 2021 (excl. VAT)
No FEDET member
2BA Basic € 1.194,25 € 1.405,00
2BA Logo Deeplink € 1.768,85 € 2.081,00
2BA & ETIM Combi < 30 employees € 2.268,65 € 2.669,00
2BA & ETIM Combi 30-50 employees € 2.781,20 € 3.272,00
2BA & ETIM Combi > 50 employees € 3.546,20 € 4.172,00
  Membership with FEDET entitles you to a 15% discount on the rate. Please note that no discount is calculated on discount.


Additional contracts

Annual rate


2BA Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (UOB, Uniform Objects Library) € 4.162,00 € 5.000,00 start-up costs (one-off)

2BA and Ketenstandaard Bouw & Techniek work very closely together to achieve maximum uniformity in product and trade information at minimum cost.

The 2BA ETIM Combi contract includes both the 2BA Logo Deep Link Contract and membership of Ketenstandaard. The latter gives you the right to participate in discussions about the future, but especially to be able to propose product classes, features and feature values. In addition, the use of the product and item message SALES and INSBOU (XML) is also included.

The General Terms and Conditions 2BA apply to all our agreements. Rates per year. For the number of employees, the entire organisation is considered as the sum of the formation in FTE and the average size of the flexible shell.


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