Price information with future start dates

Today, there is a great need for complete product and trade data across the industry. This also includes price information with a future start date. To properly respond to changes in the market, wholesalers and installers want to have new price information available two months before the start date.

2BA offers the possibility to ‘prepare’ one or more price records per item and make them available to data customers. We call these future prices.

How does it work?

When a price is provided with a start date in the future, it is recognized within the 2BA data pool as a future price. Multiple prices can be associated with an item. All price information is immediately available to data customers after the day it is uploaded (depending on the chosen file format).

Users are automatically notified by email when prices with a specific date become available. A prerequisite is that a user has included the data provider in their selection profile.

Of course, you are dependent on the possibilities of your software package. Contact your software supplier to discuss options.

SALES and INSBOU support up to 100 prices per item. Future prices can be added to the catalogue message where the start date of the price <StartDatePriceInformation> is in the future. When multiple prices are available per item, an export will include this element multiple times in the catalogue message.

BMEcat supports an unlimited number of prices per item. Future prices can be added to the message where the start date of the price <VALID_START_DATE> is in the future. Price information with a start date in the future will only be available for export in BMEcat format when the specified date is reached.

PAB 2.03
The PAB format supports multiple prices per item. Future prices can be delivered through:

  1. A separate data delivery
    The gross price should have a start date in the future.
  2. One and the same data delivery
    The message artpr2.txt.provides the ability to communicate multiple prices with different start dates.

For more information, please refer to the documentation on file formats.

Correction of future prices

You cannot remove previously specified future prices from the data pool. If you want to correct a future price, you can resubmit a future price with the same start date as that of the ‘incorrect’ price. The previous future price will be overwritten.

Display in statistics

Items with future pricing information are displayed separately in the statistics view.

Prijsinformatie statistiek


If you would like to submit future prices that are not available to everyone, please contact your 2BA Contact or the 2BA Helpdesk and inquire about the possibilities.

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