Guide assortments

Assorments (or sub-ranges) are groups of items that fall within a particular group and have an umbrella name. For example, a supplier of electrical, plumbing and heating products may divide their data into a group for each of these main groups. The linking of assortments to items is done by means of a selection on discount group. In order to use this system, it is therefore necessary to be able to determine which group an item belongs to by means of the discount group.

Use (by customers)

In the selection profile , three selection methods can be chosen per selection rule (supplier):

  • Alles (All) All – any available item from the specified data supplier (standard)
  • Selectie deelassortiment (Selection of sub-range) – this is a defined format, managed by the data supplier
  • Assortiment in uitgebreide filtering (Assortments of products in extended filtering) – manual range of products specified by the data supplier. One should know the codes and the underlying items of the data supplier themselves.

One selection method can be chosen per selection rule
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Assortments (for suppliers)

For setting up assortments for suppliers please see Assortments

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