TSV format Definition

The TSV-file can be used to add supplier selection rules to an existing selection profile. The supplied file will override the existing rules of the selection profile.


You can upload the TSV file by clicking on an existing selection profile and then Data selection click New supplier > Import selection profile -> Select file.

  Import TSV

Click here for an example file. A TSV template can also be generated by using the “Download TSV” button at the suppliers. If supplier selection rules are already present, these will be exported.

  Download TSV

The column layout of the TSV file (TAB file) is as follows:


Column names must be in order and are case sensitive, values that do not meet criteria give no values.

Column Content Mandatory
GLNSupplier Must be 13 digits long
A non-valid GLN number will give an error message
ArticleCodeSupplier Free text, Wildcards (* and ?) accepted  
DiscountGroupSupplier Free text wildcards (* and ? ) accepted
Separate multiple discount groups with a comma (,)
The discount groups specified must be enclosed in double quotes: “groep1, group2, groupX”
GroupIDSupplier May be one existing supplier purchase group  
AssortmentType OLD (advanced filtering): with filtering
ALL (all data from specified GLN) : no filtering, only specify GLNSupplier and DownloadRowType
SRA (product range): not usable in this TSV file
CustomPropertyValue FreeValue01, Free text, max 70 characters long  
ManufacturerGLN Must be 13 digits long  
ProductCodeManufacturer Free text, Wildcards (* and ?) accepted  
ProductClassManufacturer Format EC######  
BrandNameManufacturer Brand must exist in 2BA
A non-existing brannd will give an error
ProductSeriesManufacturer Free text, Wildcards (* and ?) accepted  
ProductTypeManufacturer Free text, Wildcards (* and ?) accepted  
InverseRowSelection True / False, default value is False
If the value is True, the values that meet the criteria are removed from the result. More information Not-Regels
DownloadRowType Complete, Mutation, Restore Yes
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